Beautifully framed mirrors can do more for your business than provide a place to check your teeth for spinach after lunch. When placed well, they can change the entire image of your business by strategically altering people’s perception of your space. Here are some ways you can use mirrors to change the feel of your office or business.

·         Create light in the space- Mirrors reflect and refract light, making it appear multiplied. They are a great way to add light to a space without calling in the   electrician.

·         Make it feel larger and airier- Mirrors can act a little like windows in that they make a space feel bigger and less closed in. They present the illusion of infinite space, which can make an environment more relaxing. Long, narrow mirrors hung horizontally are perfect for hallways or small rooms; they make the space seem less closed in. For low ceilings, use tall mirrors to elongate the space.

·         Add décor without adding clutter- Especially in entryways, mirrors are a great way to add décor without adding a lot of clutter. The appearance of clutter in entries makes a poor first impression on customers or clients. Framed mirrors look polished but not overdone.1

·         Hide ugly or unwanted architectural features- Is there a gigantic column that cuts your business’ space in half? Cover it with mirrors to make it “disappear”. Mirrors can be used to make building features that aren’t easily changed less noticeable.

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