Specials have the power to make or break a restaurant’s bottom line. They allow for careful ordering and give you the opportunity to make the most of what you’ve already got on hand. They’re frequently overlooked by clientele, though.

This could happen because the server skims over them, or the guest is hard of hearing, or they’re trying to reign in an unruly child and paying little attention. You can eliminate those barriers to customer’s ordering of specials by placing them directly on each table.

You can do just that by using frames. Here are two ways you can create a special board on each individual table so that guests have easy access to the specials in writing.

First, create a printable template that matches your restaurant’s theme seamlessly. You’ll input the daily specials and print them off. Use a heavier cardstock or linen paper to create a classier feel. Place them in stand-up frames on each table. You don’t even need to glass over the paper in this method, the frame and heavier paper will keep the print-outs in place.

The second option is place a background paper in a frame with glass. Hang the frame on the wall above each table to prevent guests from touching and smearing the writing. Write the specials neatly with a dry erase marker each day. The looks you could create with this method are limited only by your imagination. Use black paper and neon or white dry-erase markers to create a put-together style, or use a lightly patterned paper and a complementary shade of marker.

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