Art makes you feel something, and a great frame is an extension of that experience. Whether you are looking for the perfect photo frames or frames for canvas paintings or prints, here’s why the floater frame should be on your shortlist.

What Is a Floater Frame?

A floater frame is defined by its three-dimensional, floating feel. It is much deeper than a traditional frame, with a concave or convex curve or angle. Floater frames draw the eye toward the artwork from many angles to make even understated pieces pop.
It works best for art on canvas, although they can help any similar work of art reach its full visual potential. Consider a set for beloved trio of photos or even a grandchild’s watercolor.

Benefits of Floater Frames
• Protection – They fit intentionally loose around a canvas to avoid scuffing from the frame or those passing by
• Nothing obscures the art – The frame fits around and behind, not over the art
• A Floating appearance – It doesn’t touch the visible part of the frame when hanging, so art appears to float on all sides by a 1/8″, for example. Note: The floating appearance is more pronounced with mounted canvas, less so when use as photo frames.
• Simplicity – Floater frames do not include a matte. It is just the frame, the art, and its admirers.
• A powerful multi-dimensional look- The frame is deep, so as you walk slowly from the side of the artwork to facing it, the art reveals itself like a gift unwrapped based upon your perspective.

How to Get Floater Frames Customized
Get frames customized online to almost any dimension, so the frame always looks like it was meant for the art it displays. Choose a style and enter the dimensions to create your custom floater frame. We ship almost any frame for just $10.

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