Bookshelves are a place where you can show off your style and, of course, a home for your favorite reading material.  As the type of bookshelves and ease of assembly have emerged over the years, a cleanly styled bookshelf has stood the test of time.

Where to begin

When you start to style your bookshelf, first make a pile of all the items you want to display.  Go through each of these and take out books and accessories that are worn or damaged. Start with adding the books first.  Make sure to vary your placement of the books from shelf to shelf.  One shelf can have the books aligned to the left and the next to the center. Books can also be stacked to break up the variations.

Bookends and sculptures

Sculptures make striking bookends. Make sure your sculptures are heavy and sturdy enough to be a functioning bookend. Use bookends and sculptures that flow with your room. Using sculptures with similar colors to the room decor helps pull the bookshelf in, especially if the bookshelf is tucked away in a corner.

Artwork and frames

Artwork and framed photos can help bring depth to the shelving. Place a small, framed picture towards the back of the shelf to emphasize this. Frames made with different materials can add touches to complete your shelving—a classic gold frame pairs well with navy sculptures.

The finished look

After you have placed a few small pieces of art on the stacked books, take a step back and look at your bookshelf as a piece of the room.  Should you place a small amount of greenery on the shelves? Make sure the bookshelf has balance.  You may need to move a few things. But overall, the bookshelf should enhance your room, not take it over.

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