The key to many things in life is balance, including when creating design styles in your home.

What does balance mean when styling the walls in your home? You may think every wall or most walls in your home need framed art. While too many blank walls can leave a room feeling empty, choosing the right space and frame for the room makes the most impact.  What you choose to hang on your walls should fit into your room decor and be appropriately sized with the room’s furniture. A large framed piece of art on a wall that sits behind a small sofa can leave the furniture looking out of place.

Ways to create balance
Using the same size frame in rows or columns
Even spacing between framed art pieces

If you are looking to make a bolder statement, opting for asymmetry with a larger frame size paired with two smaller frames makes a significant impact. Balance with negative space, art styles, and color choices, including those of your frames, can bring a room together. When you decide to style your home or room, create balance while keeping your style and your focus. Need quality frames at affordable prices, shop Frame Warehouse. Frame Warehouse is the preferred frame experts among many interior designers.

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