You’ve seen plenty of clever uses of frames on the blog here at Frame Warehouse, but there’s not much on using frames outside. When you think of frames, you probably think of pictures, which are not a very weather-proof décor item, but there are plenty of non-photo ways to use frames. They can even create the same classy, well-rounded effect they have inside the home outside. Use frames to jazz up your garden with these ideas:

  • Garden table: Create a simple but beautiful table or plant stand in your garden with a frame. Simply follow the directions in this custom frame serving tray blog, then screw on four prefabricated legs from a hardware store following the instructions provided. If you use a large frame, you can even create a little potting bench.
  • Framed wall pots: Hang pots on a fence, trellis, or the side of the garden shed and then add frames around them as a finishing touch. Be sure to purchase frames that are larger than the pots you’re using by a couple inches on each side to leave room for the plant to grow.
  • Outdoor Chalkboards: Add pizzazz to an outdoor chalkboard so your littles can get creative outside. Hang a chalkboard that’s ready to be used in the elements or add chalkboard paint to an existing smooth surface and frame it to create a beautiful chalk art display or custom chalk sign.


Frames, generally speaking, aren’t up to surviving intact in the elements. If you plan on doing one of these projects in an area that’s exposed, you’ll want to weatherproof your frame (and other materials) first. You can do this by spray painting the items with an outdoor-worthy clear coat.

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