Whether you’re a curious genealogist or simply live far away from family and want to keep them close, creating a beautiful family tree can bring your extended family into your home without the need to make up the hide-a-bed.

Finding the Right Place for Your Family Tree

You’ll want to choose an open wall in your home that is cleared of other decorations. This sort of project generally takes up a large amount of space, so find an area at least eight feet across to provide ample room for your tree to grow.

Choose a Tree

You can use either vinyl cutouts that stick to the wall or stencils and paint to create your tree. If you’re particularly artistic, you might even consider attempting a free-hand tree in pencil and then painting it. Search for a tree design that works well with your décor, whether that is a more modern, rounded design or a spiky, gnarled traditional tree.

Adding Photos

There’s a lot of room for customization in the photo part of this project, too. Choose frames in colors and styles that match your décor and blend well with your tree design. Use color photos for a brighter effect or black and white photos to lend a more muted tone.

You can add as many or as few family members as you like to your family tree. Use this wall décor project to show your kids family they missed the chance to meet or to keep loved ones close to your heart. For more unique frame ideas, check us out on Pinterest!

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