Are you ready to give your home an upgrade on a budget? With a little creativity and an amazing frame we’ve put together some easy and affordable ways to up your home decor game in 2020.

Framed Fabric

When it comes to fabric styles and selections the possibilities are endless. You may have a piece of custom fabric from an upholstered furniture piece or curtain tucked away in a closet. If you are the search for a new fabric piece your local fabric or craft store should have lots to choose from and the cost of a small piece of fabric is reasonable.

Framed Wallpaper Scraps

Wallpaper has made its way back in to home trends. Framing a trendy piece of wallpaper or even using scraps of your wallpaper project are affordable options to create art. Framing wallpaper cuts also takes the “commitment” out of hanging wallpaper. With so many styles and choices of wallpaper you can find a piece that shows your personality and becomes the wow factor to complete your room

Everyone loves a little DIY project and its even better when it fits into your budget. As 2020 approaches let your crafty side shine with a frame from your friends at Frame Warehouse showing off your latest project. You can shop our frames online or at any of our 12 locations. Find your perfect frame today

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