‘Tis the season to curl up next to the fire and create cozy in your home.  Do you find yourself scrolling through Pinterest in hopes of inspiration to create your own winter wonderland? Frame Warehouse has some ideas surrounding this seasonal challenge to help you spend more time enjoying your home.

Find Your Theme

Just like your favorite book, give your room a theme. You can think vintage, cabin life, lodge retreat or traditional for your holiday ideas. Find a place to store your inspiration and then move on to the next step.

Pick Your Colors

Colors can be one of the most challenging in every area of design, creation or art, but don’t get bogged down on this magical step. Try to keep your main colors to two or three and throw in a wild card to use a splash of.

One Central Focal Point

Find your main focal point in the room, maybe a fire place, large piece of furniture or an amazing mirror. Place your decorations, pillows and frames throughout the room bringing the eye back to the focal point and staying true to your selected colors.

When it comes to choosing a frame remember to pick your color or material that fits well in your holiday theme. Will your large framed holiday canvas be the show stopper? Did your family member create a magical piece that will hang proudly on your wall? Mix in small frame styles or steal the show with a beautiful frame to bring cozy into your home this holiday season. You can shop our selection of frames and frame packages online or in our stores throughout North and South Carolina. Find your frame here www.framewarehouse.net.

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