So, you received a fun print as a gift over the holidays and the pressure is on to find the right spot to display it in your home. Should you make the commitment and hang it up? Should you perch it on a shelf so it will “lean into” your décor? While there is no cut-and-dry answer, we have come up with a few tips that will help you decide!

Keeping it casual?
Is your home décor bohemian in nature or really casual? If so, leaning your artwork may be ideal for your aesthetic. Leaning your artwork provides great design opportunities for layering art with object and texture. Here are a few additional benefits to leaning:

– Leaning artwork lends to a casual, effortless look and is Instagram-chic
– Your artwork can be placed virtually anywhere there is a flat surface and a wall
– Requires no tools, or picture hanging strips and leaves your walls damage-free
– Can’t commit? No problem! Artwork can be changed around easily allowing you to refresh your look with ease
– Easily conceal unsightly vents, outlets, or dings in your home

Things to watch out for when leaning:

– Leaning can look cluttered or unfinished. Beware of leaning and layering art and objects of the same size as this can lead to a disorganized look rather than an art moment
– While you will not make holes in your wall, leaning an item in a high-traffic area can lead to marks on the wall or accidents. Choose your placement wisely!

Keeping it classy?
Do you prefer a cleaner look or have small children or pets? If so, forgo the leaning and hang it up! Hanging your artwork can elevate (pun intended!) your piece and adds to a clean, organized design style. Here are a few things to think about when deciding to hang artwork:

– Hanging your artwork is a commitment. You know you will be making a hole in the wall, so a great deal of planning is required. Your guests will appreciate the special moment a hung piece adds to your décor.
– Love gallery walls? Hanging is the only way to get the desired effect. Whether your style is formal or casual, a gallery wall is a beautiful way to display your treasured pieces.
– Use your tools! Plan where you want to hang your piece and measure twice! Use a level to ensure your artwork is straight. This is particularly important when creating a gallery wall!

Whether you are “leaning into” the lean or you are “hanging out” with the thought of hanging, Frame Warehouse can help you from frame to hang (or lean!) with custom framing, hanging tips and even the proper tools to display your artwork. Be sure to follow us on social media, and share how you have displayed your artwork! As always, stop by one of our 12 locations in North or South Carolina and get a custom frame for next to nothing!

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