As much as we absolutely adore all our beauty products and love having easy access to them, they can be real mess. Even when you organize your products and aim for some semblance of order, it only takes one session of full-face make-up to send it spiraling into disaster.

If you’re working with a small space, or you just don’t have a nice designated area for your make-up, it’d help your bathroom or vanity look much neater if your products were up off the counter. Here’s our frame-y idea for accomplishing just that!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A large frame that will fit your space and match your décor
  • Aluminum sheeting primed with magnetic primer and finished with paint of your choice, cut to size of frame (you can sometimes talk the hardware store into cutting it to size for you)
  • Drill and bits for pilot holes and driving
  • Short screws (8 at minimum, more for larger frames)
  • Strong magnets
  • Adhesive of your choice

You’ll attach the magnetic sheeting to the back side of the frame with screws using the drill. You may need to drill pilot holes in your sheeting if it’s particularly sturdy; just make sure the holes are smaller than your screw heads. Then, you’ll hang the frame on the wall.

Now you’re ready to start sticking your make-up to it. Stick magnets to the backs of your various products with the adhesive. You can add a magnet to a little cup for brushes, as well. Be sure you test out the magnets’ hold for each product and make sure it’ll stay put before you let it go.

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