Moving is a time of new beginnings. It’s a chance to start fresh and aim to make your life just a little more ideal. If you know someone who has moved recently or is getting ready to move, you might be looking for a great housewarming present. It can be tough because oftentimes, people already have much of what they need to make their house a home. So, what kind of gift could add a little joy to their life without being superfluous? A personalized one!

You can create a personalized housewarming gift pretty simply with a frame. Here are a couple ideas for how to do just that:

  • Print off a map of their neighborhood and add a marker to their new address. Add ‘Home Sweet Home’ in either hand lettering or scrapbooking stickers if you’re not much of a penman.
  • If they’re making a big cross-country move or going from one country to another and away from you, a printed map with both their current home and their new destination is great. Add a little heart at each location, and connect them with a curly, swirly line to let them know that no matter how far they roam, they’re always in your heart.
  • Use stencils and paint over thin burlap or canvas covered boards in a frame to create a custom wall-hanging. You can use their name, address, and symbols like keys or stylized houses to add a special touch.

Whether they’re moving near or far, you can give your loved one the gift of knowing you care. For more personal gift ideas, check out the Frame Warehouse Facebook page!

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