If you have a family or roommates, it’s likely that your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s the place you go when you need to relax and unwind, and it’s where you get the ever-important good night’s sleep. When you live with other people, it’s often the only space that you have total control over (well, maybe you and your significant other share control).

If your sanctuary has been feeling a little drab or you’re just sick of the current vibe in there, it may be time to do a little remodeling. That doesn’t mean you have to buy all new furniture, though. By updating one key item and shifting things around a little, you can give your bedroom a whole new feel. What item do we recommend you change? The headboard! It doesn’t have to be an expensive of daunting prospect to change out your headboard. In fact, you can make one from a custom frame.

First, you’ll need to ponder the style you’re going for. You’ll want to choose a style of frame that suits the room’s intended new vibe. You’ll need to order a frame at least as wide as your bed and a couple feet tall, minimum, but bigger works great, too.

Now, you’ll need to pick out an interior. In some cases, you can simply paint the wall inside the frame to either match or add contrast. If painting isn’t an option, you can fill the frame itself. You can use aluminum sheeting (which comes in cool cut-out patterns and textures these days). You can also use fabric and thin batting stretched over a thin board. Use a peg board if you want to create a tufted look!

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