Ahh, summertime! It’s a time for relaxing, enjoying the weather, and outdoor fun. All that outdoor fun under the steamy sun can mean that the lovely air conditioned interiors of our homes are quite pleasant, so let’s bring a little summer inside and leave the bugs and humidity outside!

You know our favorite way to spruce up your home for the season is by hanging printables in fabulous frames. Choose a frame that accents your décor, then change out your printables and other small touches like throw pillows or other small linens for each season or event. That way, your décor is always fresh but you don’t have to spend a fortune trying to keep up with the latest trends.

Here are five of our favorite free summer printables:

  1. This subway art by Krista at While He Was Napping is perfect for the home with a current color palette that isn’t conducive to adding bright, poppy summer colors.
  2. This subway art from Eighteen25 is exactly the opposite of the first one: it’s remarkably bright, not only brining the feel of summer into your home through words, but through color.
  3. This Beach sign points the way to sun and waves. Even if the beach is 1,000 miles away, place this sign so that it points towards your favorite beach so you can think about the water when the weather warms up.
  4. These bright watercolor tropical leaves will bring an understated summery feel into almost any home!
  5. This ‘Summer Vibes’ printable by Amanda at Domestically Creative brings together pretty typography and a cute coconut drink graphic to help you remember to kick back and relax every once in a while.

Once you’ve chosen and printed your printables, all you need to do it pop them into some great Frame Warehouse frames. Check out our Facebook page for more summer décor ideas.


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