Gallery Wall 101, A Step By Step Guide To Building A Gallery Wall That Utilizes Your Space Best

Are you hung-up on how to hang up your framed art or photos? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Here at Frame Warehouse, some of the most common questions we’re asked are centered around how to display your art piece:

Should you use an odd or even number of frames?
Do they all have to match?
What is the best way to arrange my art on the wall?

By surrounding yourself with framed images and artwork, you are putting the story of your life on display. From showcasing those who are most important to you to highlighting travels, the way you hang your artwork is important.

One of the most popular ways to showcase your framed art is a gallery wall. This type of display works well on any size wall and will create a gallery feel. Here are a few ways to arrange your gallery wall:

Modern Grid: A grid consists of frames that are the same shape, size, and style. When planning a grid, you will evenly space your artwork using 2 – 4 frames horizontally. Next, add a row directly below the first line of frames, using the same spacing measurements as the first row. As space allows, continue adding rows. This gives your gallery wall a clean, modern feel.

Mixed Grid: A mixed grid utilizes a grid pattern while mixing 2 different frame sizes. Use a larger frame for the top and bottom row, and a smaller frame-size for the middle row. This gives your gallery wall visual interest while maintaining a modern aesthetic.

Organic Grid: Mix size, shape, and style in a defined area to create an organic shape. Place the frames vertically and horizontally, equal distances apart mimicking a heartbeat monitor. This creates visual interest, drawing your eyes up and down to each special piece.

Whether you opt for a modern, mixed, or an organic grid, be sure your treasured artwork is in a frame that will enhance it. Frame Warehouse has a large selection of frame styles that are perfect for your gallery wall. Best of all, with one-stop online ordering, creating a custom look for your home has never been easier! Visit and create your one-of-a-kind piece today!

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