Spring Cleaning

Goodbye gray skies, hello sunshine! Spring is here and it’s time to fling open those doors and windows, breathe the fresh air and freshen up your space! While you are dusting the shelves and fluffing the pillows, don’t forget to refresh the gallery wall!

Besides removing the cobwebs and dusting the frames, Spring offers an opportunity to introduce lighter, brighter and more colorful palette that will enliven your décor and your spirit.

Here are a few tips for Spring cleaning your gallery wall:

1. Remove everything! That’s right, take it all down. Nothing is more inspiring than a blank wall and by removing everything you will have an opportunity to clean and dust each piece and consider whether it says “Spring” or if it would be better enjoyed in a new spot.
2. Lay out your gallery wall on the floor in a space approximately the size of the wall-space. This is your chance to see your wall in a new way, introduce new frames and make easy adjustments. Try removing smaller pieces; this allows the larger pieces some breathing room and highlights their importance on the wall.
3. Add a pop of color. Spring is the time to add the bright, natural colors you crave! Try building your gallery wall around a bold color from nature. At Frame Warehouse, we offer frames in a variety of colors including a gorgeous citrus yellow. Making yellow the center, you can continue building out your wall with metallic frames in gold and enjoy all the light they will reflect!

Now that you have cleaned and rearranged, maybe you need to refresh some frames or add Spring art to your gallery wall! Visit www.framewarehouse.net and shop our huge selection of ready-made and custom frames. Best of all, you can order affordable frames online and receive them fast and hassle free!

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