Design Styles that Fit the Frame!

Whether you are freshening up your décor or changing your entire design aesthetic, it is important to know some key elements of popular design styles. Accessories, including framed artwork, can make or break your style – but how do you know what frame to choose for your décor? Check out our tips for the 3 most popular design styles below:

Farmhouse Chic – Also referred to as rustic and refined, this design style is characterized by layering old with new, texture, and weathered wood. When choosing a frame for this design style, consider using wood frames like Frame Warehouse’s Light Brown Barnwood or Brown/Grey Barnwood. Mix in black frames to achieve the old with new and be sure to hang and lean your frames to achieve that layered look.

Minimalism – A minimalist design aesthetic emphasizes the notion that less is more and pays attention to function over form. For this reason, clean lines and grid patterns are essential and a gallery wall is a must. Some key elements to think about when choosing a frame for this style are quality, simplicity, white space, light wood, and some metallics. Frame Warehouse’s Blonde Maple is perfect for the organic feel of minimalist design, while the Stainless Silver is ideal for reflecting natural light. Customize your artwork with a white matte for that extra white space!

Maximalism – In complete contrast to minimalism, maximalism embraces the sentiment that more is more. Characterized by bright colors, patterns, eclectic furniture and textures, maximalism allows for everything that minimalism doesn’t. Often you will find colorful artwork framed in gold metallic next to an heirloom portrait framed in a chunky blue frame. When choosing frames for this style, think bold, colorful, and metallic. Frame Warehouse has several frames to choose from for this style including the 3 ½” Gold Ornate, Gold with Mahogany Panel, and frames in colors like blue, orange, and yellow.

No matter what your style, the trend in 2020 is quality. Invest in a custom frame that will preserve your artwork or family photo for a lifetime. Let the experts at Frame Warehouse help you choose just the right frame for your project and your design style! Already know what you need? Visit our online framing shop and get just the right frame sent to you in just a few clicks! Order now and get $5 shipping on all-ready-made frames and $10 shipping on custom framing!

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