For many people, the last few months of the year are the busiest. There are holiday parties to attend, harvest festivals, sporting events, and plenty of work around the house to prepare for winter.

Fall and winter are also the most fun to decorate for. The changing of seasons and the beauty of autumn’s changing colors or the sparkle and glow of the first snow of the winter season lend us endless sources of inspiration for decorating our homes. We also tend to wind up inside more often as the weather gets cooler, and it’s nice to have something beautiful to look out while we’re stuck within four walls.

Decorating for both seasons can be quite the hassle though. One way to ease that burden is by using décor that transitions well from fall to winter. Here are our top picks for Frame Warehouse frames that are applicable when decorating for both, saving you time and money.

  1. Barnwood- Barnwood is perfect for fall and winter decorating. It’s warm, organic, and incredibly versatile. Printables from either season will go great in wide barnwood frame.
  2. Burnished Gold- Metallics have a lot to offer by way of depth and drama, and a burnished gold frame is a great go-between during the latter months.
  3. Red- Red is a color iconic of both fall, indicative of changing leaves, and winter, with it being a classic Christmas color. Red frames will work for both. Even if Christmas isn’t your thing, red is warm and cozy which is perfect for cold winters.
  4. Ornate- Very detailed frames are great for both fall and winter. They add depth and a hint of warmth without disturbing the color scheme one bit. Frame Warehouse’s black ornate frame is perfect for fall/winter transitional décor.
  5. Walnut- Finished in a rich, dark stain, walnut wood frames are a perfect neutral frame across the seasons. A dark-waxed walnut frame is perfect for adding gravity to your fall or winter prints.

More Inspiration

If you’re looking for more framing inspiration, advice, or DIY projects check out the Frame Warehouse Facebook page, and remember to check in on the blog from time to time!


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