If you have a business that relies on foot traffic, you’ve probably considered an easel sign. However, they can be expensive!! Learn how to make your own easel sign from frames and a few other basic DIY materials for much less dough!

First, you’ll need to gather materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Two 24×36 frames of the same size in the style of your choice
  • Four 36 in. “leg” boards, 2×1 pine works great because it’s lightweight
  • Four 2×1 cross boards, 20 in. each
  • Two 2 in. hinges and appropriate screws for applying said hinges
  • 4 small screw-in hooks
  • Two lengths of light-weight chain
  • Chalkboards to fit in each frame
  • Paint to match frames
  • 1 1/2 in. wood screws

Here’s how to put it together:

  1. Put chalkboards in frames.
  2. Lay out leg boards (vertically) and cross boards (horizontally) with outside edges lined up on each frame, use wood screws to secure in place. You can use wood glue before screwing into place for a tougher-duty easel sign.
  3. Carefully paint the boards on the backside of each frame so that they blend better.
  4. Screw one hook into each vertical board, 12 in. from the bottom.
  5. Screw hinges to each frame to create the easel effect.
  6. Cut chains to hold the sign’s “V” up at an appropriate angle and slip onto hooks. This keeps the sign from sliding out from under itself.
  7. Add a catchy message and display outside your business for maximum foot traffic!

These signs are super trendy, and businesses everywhere are using them to display their specials or clever sayings to draw in their ideal customer base right off the sidewalk.

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