Whether hanging your credentials on the wall is necessary in your line of work or whether it’s optional, you definitely want to choose the perfect frame. Having your achievements surrounded well will help it to blend into its surroundings, becoming a part of the general décor. It will also help it stand out, highlighting your accomplishments in a way that is tasteful and classy.

Custom frames and mats work great for these items because they’re not necessarily standard sized. With custom frames from Frame Warehouse, you can choose the perfect frame and/or mat so that you can hang your credentials with pride.

Here are some tips to help you pick the right frame for your diploma or certificate.

Pick Something that Works with Existing Décor

Is your office or workspace posh and modern, or is it cozy and warm? Is it rugged and manly or bright and airy? Whatever it is, there’s a frame that will work with it. This helps turn your important document into an attractive focal point in the room. For a modern look, consider a metal frame. For a lounge feel, think dark, ornate frames. For a cozy space, choose a warm colored frame that will pop. For an airy, feminine space, look into minimalist white frames with beautiful, tonal mats.

To Mat or Not to Mat?

In part, this will depend on where you intend to place your credentials. Will they be hanging on the wall or will they sit in a stand-up frame on a desk or shelf? How much space do you have? If space is at a premium, you might opt for no mat.

Will it be hung amongst other items on a busy wall? If so, a mat may help your certificate to be more visible. The negative space around the item may help draw the eye where you need it to go. Generally speaking, mats make your frame job look more professional and add sophistication to the whole piece.

For More Framing Advice..

With a little forethought, your framed certificate or diploma can be more than a necessary evil, it can be a beautiful feature in your workspace. Check out the Frame Warehouse Blog or Facebook page for more framing ideas.


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