It’s hard to believe with summer just coming to a conclusion and summer-esque temperatures continuing in many places, but the holiday season will be upon us before we know it! Now is the perfect time to start sorting out your holiday décor so it doesn’t get away from you.

To get you on your day to masterful holiday décor, consider creating a holiday card display. There are several advantages to these displays, such as:

  • They make use of something you’ll already receive, which is a great use of resources.
  • When someone who sent you a card sees the display, they’ll get a fuzzy feeling knowing you liked it enough to display it.
  • They serve as a great visual reminder for more wholesome reasons behind the holiday season: those we love and cherish.
  • Holiday cards are beautiful; it’d be a shame not to show them off!

Create a holiday card frame display that is congruent with your décor. That will mean picking and choosing from the ideas below to create a display that suits your needs.

Now, let’s go over some various options for creating your frame holiday card holder and cover some pertinent questions you need to ask yourself when you’re planning your DIY project.

Hanging Options

You can use several different materials within the frame to hang your cards. Chicken wire, jute string, battery powered LED light strings, satin ribbon, or a relatively flexible wire are all great options. You can also glue clips around the edges of a small frame for a display dominated by the cards.

For chicken wire, simply cut a piece of the wire that’s just slightly smaller than the outside perimeter of the frame of your choice, then line it up and staple the wire to the frame.

For all of the other materials, decide whether you’ll hang the wire/string/ribbon in neat, even rows or if a diagonal, free-form rows are right for you. Use finishing staples to stick down your chosen material in the format of your choice.

Use little clothes pins or binder clips to hang cards from the strings or wire. You can add other decorations to your frame to make it a little more aesthetically pleasing, too, like burlap bows or small wreaths.

Finishing Your Holiday Card Display

Whatever suits your style, there’s a Frame Warehouse frame for you. Check out our Facebook page for more framing ideas!

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