You’ve just had the most beautiful family portraits taken complete with gorgeous lighting and backgrounds and you can’t wait to display them in your home! Now comes the fun part – choosing a frame online! Frame Warehouse is here to help you with 4 steps that will make it easy to order the perfect frame online at an affordable price!

Step 1 – Determine where you will place your portrait or artwork. Will it reside in a common space like a living room or be placed in a bedroom or bath area? Making this decision early will help guide you as you select frame materials and color to match your décor.

Step 2 – Measure your piece! Is it a standard size (8 x 10, 11 x 14, 12 x 16, 16 x 20, etc) or a size that will require a custom-built frame (13.5 x 7.25)? At Frame Warehouse, we offer both standard-size frames and custom frames online at an affordable price. Best of all, we offer $5 shipping for standard frames and $10 for custom frames no matter the size!

Step 3 – Choose your material. Use the subject matter of the portrait of art to determine the color and style of the frame. If you are framing a family portrait, consider using a wood frame that adds to the feeling of warmth from the photo. Our Barnwood and Mahogany frames are excellent choices! Wood frames are also excellent choices if artwork is being placed in a “soft” space like a bedroom. However, if your artwork is clean, minimalist, and uncluttered, consider going to an opposite extreme by choosing an ornate frame in gold or even black.

Step 4 – Choose whether you want only the frame or if you would like the frame package. In the case of frame only, some artwork is best displayed without acrylic and backing – fiber art and art created from natural paper are good examples. However, if you want to frame a photo or print, you may consider choosing the frame package which comes complete with acrylic, backing, and hangers. Our frame packages are available for our standard frames at this time.

If you follow the 4 easy steps, all you have to do is click checkout and your perfect frame will be on its way from our frame store to your home in no time! You can place your order online at

$5 Shipping On All Standard Frames & $10 Shipping On All Custom Frame Sizes!