Creating a cozy, happy home means surrounding yourself with the things that you love. This includes photos and art pieces! One of the best ways to showcase your favorite photos and art pieces is to frame them in a gallery wall. Simple yet bursting with personality, a gallery wall highlights the images that are most important to you while bringing style and charm to your home.

Choose Your Frames
Just as important as the images you frame are the frames you put them in. Decide on the look you want to create. Minimalistic, monochromatic frames, such as simple black, really let your photos and art pieces shine. Eclectic, detailed frames can complement your images while creating a cozier feel.

(In)Consistency Is Key
When styling your gallery wall, think about the different sizes of the frames you’ll be using. The images that you’re hanging are likely a wide range of sizes, so you can use different frame sizes to match the images or use a consistent frame size with matting to fit the smaller images to the larger frames.

Spacing, Spacing, Spacing
A great way to create a unique style for your gallery wall is through spacing. Using consistent spacing can complement the sleek look created by minimalistic, monochromatic frames and can balance out a more eclectic frame collection. Using different spacing between frames can strategically draw the eye to star pieces of your gallery wall.

There’s no right or wrong way to style your gallery wall, so get creative with it! Want more framing ideas, tips, and inspiration? Follow us on Facebook or check out our available frames.