Frames are, in and of themselves, beautiful objects that can bring warmth and style to any space. While displaying pictures in frames is the most natural way to use them, why not get a little more creative?

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
Housing mirrors in your empty frames is a wonderful way to create visual interest in a room. A cluster of small framed mirrors of different shapes and sizes can reflect the colors in your room and create a fantastic focal point. For something more dramatic, fill an oversized gold frame with a mirror and lean it against the wall. In addition to creating a chic feature in your home, it’ll make the room appear larger.

The Writing on the Wall
Add a chalk board to a medium sized empty frame and you can instantly create a fun feature for any room in your home. In the kitchen, your chalk board is the perfect place to write out the week’s menu, make a grocery list, and leave reminders for kids to grab their lunches before running out the door to catch the bus in the morning. In the living room, it’s a great place to play a family game of tic tac toe.

Put a Cork in It
Small frames can be difficult to fill—especially if you’re looking for a creative decorating solution that doesn’t involve filling them with photos. Instead of letting them go unused, spray paint them with pops of color that match your living room and use them to frame sheets of cork. These new coasters will delight houseguests and protect your furniture. Have bigger frames to fill? You can take the same concept and apply it on a larger scale to create fun pin boards for your kids’ rooms. Help them choose photos, mementos, and other items to display.

Getting creative with empty frames can be a fun way to bring unexpected style to your home—not to mention function! Check out our Facebook page and selection of frames for inspiration.