Almost nothing makes us want to improve our homes more than a new baby coming along. It’s in our biology to want to create a nice, safe, comfy space for our new little bundles of joy, and it’s a literal compulsion for many women later on in their pregnancies. From the crib to the bedding to the wall décor, there are plenty of nursery components to think about. Here are some of our best framed décor tips for adding that extra-special touch to your new little sprite’s nursery.

  1. Don’t be afraid to frame unconventional objects. Teddy bears and other toys, dried (or silk) plants you received as a pregnant mum, and heirloom baby clothing make fantastic wall décor with a little added dimension, not to mention sentimental.
  2. Nursery colors aren’t limited to “baby colors”. You may be thinking a dark or barn wood frame just won’t do for a nursery, but there’s no need to limit yourself to traditional baby colors. Modern nurseries are often done in far more neutral and adult color schemes, and those neutral frames will carry over as you update the room as your child grows.
  3. Add a photo of Mom and Dad. Keeping a photo of baby’s caregivers close at hand where they can see it from their crib is a wonderful idea. It can be comforting to both parents and baby.

Whatever your nursery theme, there’s a brilliant piece of décor to frame that will complete your
little one’s new nest. For more custom framing advice, check in at our Facebook page, and follow along so you don’t miss a thing.

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