If you’re a fan of seasonal home décor, summer is most likely the brightest and boldest season in your house. Pops of orange, yellow, and blue call to mind sunny days and clear skies—and are perfect accent colors for a wide range of décor palettes. If you don’t want these brighter colors to overpower your home’s décor but do want to bring a bit of bright, summery style to your living space, try swapping out your neutral frames for frames in the following bright hues.

  • Orange: Orange has so many wonderful connotations—sunsets, carrots, orange juice. A bright pop of orange can bring energy and positivity into your home.
  • Yellow: Yellow brings to mind flowers, lemons, and sunshine. Pops of yellow are the perfect way to create a crisp, light, yet bold living space.
  • Blue: Blue is one of those colors that works well for any season, but a bright, clear blue is particularly well-suited for summer décor. If you’re looking for a somewhat softer hue that is bright but not overpowering, certain shades of blue may be the perfect choice.
  • Green: Green is typically associated with spring, but darker, brighter hues of green are perfect for summer (think lush, jungle greens).
  • Purple: Purple is one of the most beautiful colors in summer sunsets, and can bring a calm and soothing feel to your living space while providing that pop of color that you’re looking for.

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