Framed décor is a great way to add pizazz to your home and you can change it in and out as you please easily so that your home’s look can flex with the season and your mood.

While it’s obvious that framed items cover a wide range of styles, there are almost as many unique ways to hang frames as there are unique framed items. Here are just a few ideas for how to hang frames that in your home to turn your boring framed pieces into whole new works of art.

1. Hang several frames from a curtain rod- Hang a sturdy, stylish curtain rod on your wall, then hang framed pieces from it by stapling ribbons to the top and back of the frame on either side and tying a bow around the curtain rod.

2. Hang with unique materials- Screw simple eyelet screws into the top corners of a nice, heavy wood frame and you can use almost any string-like material you like to hang your frame. Get creative. You can use jute, ribbon, strips of fabric, beaded strands of wire, or anything else you can come up with that can hold the weight of your item.

3. Hang photos from knobs- Using the above eyelets or by simply attaching strings to the back of a frame using a heavy duty adhesive or staples, you can hang photos from knobs or drawer pulls. They don’t necessarily need to be knobs on cabinets, either. You can hang a classy knob anywhere on your wall to add a unique touch to your framed item.

4. Add trim slightly above eye level and hang frames from hooks- This is a great way to create a unique gallery wall that you can design to suit your space and your style.

Your only limits for how you hang your frames are your imagination and the strength of materials you choose. For more unique framing and frame décor ideas, check out the Frame Warehouse Facebook page.