It can be a struggle to come up with the perfect gift for Mom every May for Mother’s Day. After all, she gave us the gift of life, and that makes most things we could gift her pale in comparison (despite that Mom almost never thinks so). Here are some of our favorite framed Mother’s Day gift ideas so you can give your mom a gift that is personal, will last, and can be proudly displayed in her home or office all year long.

1. Quote printables- There are a ton of incredible, inspiring Mother’s Day quote printables out there that will suit any mom’s style. Check out a couple great free ones here and here.

2. A framed photo of you (or grandkids)- You can’t go wrong with a great framed portrait of yourself or your kiddos to grace your mom’s shelves. With advances in camera technology and easier to use photo editing software, you don’t even necessarily need to hire a photographer.

3. Frame her favorite flower- Frames aren’t just for paper items! Press several of your mom’s favorite flowers in the pages of a heavy book, be sure they’re completely dry, and place them in a frame over a piece of neutral colored paper as backing. It’s like buying her flowers but they last all year long and then some.

4. Frame a meaningful page from your favorite book to read together- Do you remember a book your mom would read to you as a child that just embodied her motherly love for you, like I’ll Love You Forever by Robert Munsch or Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak? Maybe you and mom like to read the same things now, even. Put those precious pages in a frame.

Even if you’re not looking to get real personal with your gift this year, frames, framed art, and framed mirrors are a great gift for almost any occasion. For more ideas and custom framing advice, check out our Frame Warehouse Facebook page.