The hospitality industry is extremely competitive. Between traditional hotels and Airbnb, people have more choices than ever before when it comes to where to stay while away from home. To give your hotel a competitive edge, try refreshing your home’s décor. An update of your hotel’s interior design could be just the thing that resonates with guests—and that creates loyal, repeat customers.

First, identify the big things that you can update.
Mattresses, the bar in the lobby, the gym equipment—these are all major things that your hotel might consider updating in order to attract more guests. While these are often expensive items, they contribute to the comfort and functionality of your hotel, and these are what guests are looking for.

Next, pay attention to the details that will really make your hotel stand out.
This is the perfect time to sit down and think about what makes your hotel unique. Is it the original artwork by local artists? Update the frames to really highlight these pieces throughout the property. Is it that the building your hotel is in is a historical landmark? Refinish things like floors and molding instead of replacing them.

Before you get started, call in the professionals.
Whether you call on Frame Warehouse to provide commercial framing services or a local historian to confirm that you’ve ordered the right materials for the restoration of your hotel’s floors, it’s important to rely on professional guidance when updating your hotel’s décor.

The team at Frame Warehouse is ready to help you put your hotel ahead of the competition. Send us a message today to learn how we can help!

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