Maybe you’ve never considered making your own furniture before. Even if you’re not much of a DIY-er, it’s totally possible, especially when you consider how many elements you’d need come ready to put together.

For a first-timer, an accent table is a great way to start off your furniture-building endeavors. They’re small, can be very simple in design, and they don’t need to be sturdy enough to hold a whole human being. The best part about making your own accent table, aside from the money saved of course, is that you can make a table that matches your décor and space perfectly. Here’s how you can make an accent table from a frame.

1. Gather supplies- You’ll need a frame that is the size you’re hoping the table top to be, something to act as the table top itself (this could be a piece of bead board, a metal photo print, anything relatively sturdy and smooth that you can attach to the underside of the frame), a wood base cut to the size of the frame, store-bought table legs (you can find wood or metal hairpin legs at most home improvement stores), hardware glue and hardware, sandpaper, finish (such as paint or clear coat), and a few basic tools.

2. Create table top. Sandwich your table top between your frame and base, making sure that the right side of the table top surface is visible in the frame. Use clamps to hold it together after gluing each layer to the one next to it, then use self-tapping screws that are long enough to go through all layers but not so long that they go through the frame along the edges. Wait until glue is completely dry to move on.

3. Sand down the edges of the table top, avoiding sanding the frame if it’s prefinished.

4. Attach legs per the directions they came with, or find a video showing you how to attach them if not.

5. Apply finish carefully, taping any areas that you don’t want painted. Let it dry completely.

With a can-do attitude and a little imagination, you can create the side table of your dreams! For more DIY frame projects, check out the Frame Warehouse Facebook Page!

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