Summer time during our childhoods is something so many of us get nostalgic about. There were ball games, catching fireflies, playing outside until dark, and spending time in the water. Whatever your fondest childhood memories of summer, they probably don’t include chores, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t still get done.

Most child development experts agree that it’s a good idea for kids to do chores, and studies agree. So long as chores are age appropriate and safe, they’ll likely have a positive impact on your kiddo (and on your house).

You can keep track of which chores your children are supposed to do and which they’ve already done with a handy chore chart. I’ll give you a couple ideas for creating your very own chore chart to help keep your kids on track this summer.

Printable Chore Charts

Yep, you’re right. There’s a printable for everything. There are tons of printable chore charts available online. You’ll just need to find one that works with the size of your family and the way that you assign chores. You can make one for each kid, or have a large, family-wide chore chart to track all that needs done and who needs to do it. You can make printable charts reusable by placing them in a frame under glass and using dry erase markers to fill them in.

Design Your Own

Using the dry erase markers on glass over a framed chore chart can still be done if you’re making your own. You can use a computer program to design one (there are even templates available in some software), or you can hand-draw your family’s chore chart.

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