Say there’s a press release published about an event your business has put on, or maybe your business is being recognized by the Chamber of Commerce as an innovative or philanthropic business. Maybe you’ve even made the front page of the local paper!

What now? While the honor is wonderful and may provide a business boost for a short time simply because your name is getting out there a bit more, the benefit of that free press will fade soon.

But it doesn’t have to. That good press could live on forever as a piece of your business, but you’ll need to display it where people will see it in order for that to be the case. Cut out the clip carefully from an unscathed copy of a print publication or have an online clip printed on high quality photo paper. This will ensure that the press clipping looks as professional as possible. Now it’s time to hang it up!

Grab a thumbtack, right? Just stick that press clipping up on the wall and voila!

Maybe not. Newspapers are pretty biodegradable, which means just exposure to the elements inside your place of business could do a number on an exposed press clipping. Within a few months, it will start to curl, discolor, and the paper will become fragile.
Instead, put that article in a frame! Better yet, have it professionally framed with Frame Warehouse to ensure that the proper materials are used so that your good press can last for years to come! Contact Frame Warehouse about custom framing services at our Facebook page or by using the contact form on our website.

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