Planning a funeral for a loved one is likely one of the most stressful and trying times in your life. Even if your loved one has given good directions on how they wish you to memorialize them, there’s a lot of pressure to plan a service that honors their memory. 

We all know that a great frame can make all the difference in whether the décor for any event looks classy and well-constructed or whether it looks sloppy. Sloppy isn’t an adjective that anyone wants applied to something as important as a memorial service. 

Whether you’re putting together a visitation, a traditional funeral service, or a celebration of life, here are some ways you can use frames to make putting together a service suitable to your loved one. 

Photo Collage 

You can help attendees fondly remember your loved one by putting together a photo collage, or several of them, even. Use photos from their whole life through to help people remember them fondly. 

Memorial Photo 

Especially for services where people are unable to see the deceased, a memorial photo is crucial. It helps people remember your loved one at their best, and framing it lovingly helps to showcase that memorial photo. 

Memory Table 

Many people put together a memory table that allows attendees to look back on your loved one’s life story. You could include photos, important documents, or even just written accounts of your favorite memories of them. Placing these all in coordinating frames will help to provide a cohesive look. 

Final Word on Frames for Memorial Services 

Regardless of venue or the type of service, there’s always a place for fabulous framed photos of your loved one at a memorial service. For more ideas or info on custom framing info, check out the Frame Warehouse Facebook page. 

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