With spring cleaning comes the question as old as the tradition itself: What should you treasure and what should you toss? In some cases, discarding an old keepsake stuffed in the back of a closet feels akin to betrayal. It’s hard let go. Subsequently, a good cleaning is not as thorough as you had hoped. However, framing provides a way to hold onto some of those dusty treasures while simultaneously giving them a fresh purpose.

Some of your junk may be hidden art. If you have saved magazines for nostalgic reasons, for instance, take a fresh look at the covers. You may discover one that would look great in a frame. Another example: Every car compartment used to be stuffed with road maps. And National Geographic printed beautiful wall maps from across the globe. If you still have a few that evoke happy travel memories, imagine how they would look in your den.

A few more ideas to get your mind thinking creatively about framing possibilities:

  • Artistic book jackets
  • Songbook covers or song sheets
  • Vinyl records and album covers
  • Photocopied and enlarged stamps
  • Old handwritten letters
  • A child’s first grade progress report

Frame worthy pieces are not limited to flat objects. Consider any items stuck in the back of a drawer that, if framed, would add a nice touch to a den or bedroom.

  • Scout and hiking patches
  • Sea shells
  • Race t-shirts and medals
  • Buttons of every size and color
  • Vintage tableware like silver knives and forks

As you encounter items during your cleaning effort, look at them in a different light. Are they serving any purpose packed in a storage bin? See them as what they are: potential items brought back to life in an ideal frame.

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