One of the secrets to great interior design is that it’s flexible—it adapts with changing seasons and tastes while its foundation remains strong and timeless. Color palette is one of the aspects of your home décor that you can easily change from one season to the next, as it only takes a few small changes in color to make a major impact on a room.

Update your frames

Frames are often hung and forgotten, but updating your frames from one season to the next can make a major—and easy—statement. With spring on the horizon, explore hues of blush and other colorful neutrals to create a breezy, spring-like color palette without distracting from your photos and artwork.

Use flowers

Flowers are one of the most underutilized home décor tools that can create a significant impact on the look and feel (and scent!) of a room. Once you know what colors you’re looking for, browse your local farmer’s market for flowers that fit your new look. If it’s a bit too early in the season and your floral options are limited, try fake flowers.

Switch out throw pillows and afghans

The easiest way to quickly update a room is to focus on the details, and what details are more noticeable than throw pillows and afghans? Choose patterned pillows in your selected color palette and get an afghan in a complementary color to bring a pop of personality to the room.

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