At a glance, stretching a canvas may seem unnecessary to some. Can’t you simply lay canvas across some boards, staple it and put in a frame? But the art of stretching is precise and the benefits well worth undergoing this time-consuming task. Let’s explore the answer to this question and find out what canvas stretching is all about.

The Benefits of Canvas Stretching

The benefits of canvas stretching are many. Stretching helps you perfectly complement a space in your home by:
1. Stretching an image to precise dimensions (within reason)
2. Stretching it to a certain shape
3. Protecting the image from undue wear and aging
4. Giving the image a firm foundation on a quality wooden frame
5. Showcasing an image that can now last for generations
6. Achieving perfect and permanent image alignment (no slipping or wrinkling as the years go by)

What Is Canvas Stretching?

A canvas stretcher uses stretching tools to stretch an image over stretcher bars, which are the wooden pieces that make up the frame that supports the canvas from behind.

These tools include but aren’t limited to:
• Mallet
• Stretching pliers
• Industrial strength scissors
• Hammer
• Staple gun
• Staple remover
• Measuring tape

With these tools, a canvas stretching professional very gently yet firmly and uniformly pulls the canvas and perfectly aligns it with the stretcher bars. An improperly stretched canvas will appear misshapen and may have waves that will become more pronounced and unsightly with time. A properly stretched canvas is taut with perfectly folded and affixed corners. Stretching a canvas takes time and patience but the finished product is amazing.

Getting Your Canvas Stretched

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