Mirrors have been a timeless decorating piece found in almost any area of a home. If placed properly within a room, a mirror can make rooms brighter and feel larger. Read some ideas and placement tips from Frame Warehouse before you purchase the perfect mirror.

Creating Light

We all know mirrors reflect, so placed properly they can help reflect light in the room. Place your mirror on an adjacent wall from windows or on the wall across from a window or windows. Make sure your mirror is not covered by large furniture or décor.

Balancing Size

When deciding on your mirror selection decide if the mirror will be a focal point or accent piece in the room. If the mirror is a focal point, the larger the better. When being used as a focal point a framed mirror also helps achieve this. If you are looking for an accent piece a smaller mirror in comparison to your largest wall hangings is recommended or the use of several small mirrors.

Mirrors can be used in almost every style of home and when placed correctly with appropriate sizing can help bring in light to a dark room and even bring the illusion of a much larger room.

Need assistance with finding the perfect mirror? Browse our selection of mirrors and frames at any of our 12 locations in North and South Carolina with Frame Warehouse. We like to think of mirrors as art and certainly believe they look great in the perfect frame.