While some people insist on having color in every corner of their home, others equally love all things natural, and some live by the credo “less is more”, everyone can customize their framed art to live in harmony with their décor. One of the most popular ways to do this is by layering elements within your frame. With a color, texture, and style of frame for every project and budget, Frame Warehouse is here to offer some tips on how to get the layered look!

Mats come in hundreds of colors, patterns, and textures making them a popular choice when coordinating with décor. With just a small reveal, adding a vibrant mat can enhance strong colors within a piece while adding a neutral mat allows the art to stand on its own. Craving drama? Try layering mats!

Fillets are a small, flexible piece of a small piece of molding that can fit inside the lip of a frame, or between matting. Fillets serve as a decorative way to add a hint of color to your piece. When combined with matting, fillets “set-off” the artwork, bringing focus to the piece.

Traditionally, liners have been used in place of mats to frame oil paintings or other artwork not requiring acrylic or glass glazing. This fabric-covered molding, used inside the outer molding of a custom frame, comes in a wide variety of fabric choices and colors making them a great option for layering. Consider layering multiple colors for a unique look.

Layered Moldings
Add another layer of customization to your frame by layering moldings. With countless styles to choose from – elegant, modern, traditional – in a variety of widths and textures, you can create a one-of-a-kind frame that will have impact. Create a layered molding to use inside the frame to create a look similar to that of a liner.

Whether your frame needs to burst with every color of the rainbow, needs to have dimension using only black, or simply needs to fade away so the art is the star, Frame Warehouse can create the perfect piece for you! Ready to get started? Visit www.framewarehouse.net/shop and start layering today! Best-of-all we can ship your custom piece, no matter the size, for a flat rate of $10!

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