Did you know that more people choose a fitness-related New Year’s resolution than any other type of goal? If you’re among those who are looking to lose a little extra weight, gain some muscle, or even just get more active come January 1, you might want to invest in a great mirror now.

The way you feel and the way you feel about the way you look are so much more important than the numbers that appear on your scale. If you feel healthier and you are more confident in your appearance, you’ve probably made a huge difference in your life with your healthier choices.

Choosing the Right Mirror

If you don’t have the perfect mirror to track your fitness goal progress, now is the perfect time to get one. First, you’ll want to choose a frame style that matches your décor in the space where you want to hang it. Bigger is definitely better when it comes to choosing a mirror for this purpose. That way, you can get a full-body view and you can use it to help check your form while you’re working out.

Mirror Placement

Place your fitness tracking mirror in an area that has plenty of open space so you can move around and check out how great you look in your skinny jeans. It also allows you room to exercise in front of the mirror.

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