Important considerations go into choosing the right mirror, including shape, style, and frame. However, you can make impeccable choices in all categories but the mirror will still be wrong. The size of the mirror must fit the size of the space.

Understand the mirror’s purpose
Before you choose a mirror, decide what its primary purpose will be:

Fill an empty spot on a wall.
Make a small room seem larger
Make a dramatic statement
Do what a mirror does best, which is to reflect
Know the appropriate size

Once you decide the mirror’s main purpose, you can select an appropriate size. If you plan to hang a mirror on a large wall such as in a dining room, it can make a dramatic splash. Therefore, a mirror on a large wall should have a height of two to two-and-a-half feet. If you plan to hang the mirror above a credenza, for example, the length of the mirror should be slightly less than the length of the furniture.

Smaller mirrors can also work in a large room, but it matters where you place them. For example, accent mirrors of less than one foot in height can bring sophistication near the entrance to the room.

If you plan to hang a mirror in a bathroom, the same rules for size apply. A mirror placed above a vanity should be slightly shorter in length than the vanity.

Selecting the right frame for your mirror is also important. A frame—sleek, ornate, rustic, modern, or contemporary—should complement the room where you’ll hang the mirror.

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