Texture is an important facet of your home’s style. From a hand crocheted throw to a woven tapestry, you can bring texture into your living space in a long list of ways. One of the easiest ways to do this is through your frames.

Textured Frames Means Wood Frames, Right?

When someone mentions texture and frames in the same sentence, your mind probably naturally drifts in the direction of wood frames. While wood frames aren’t the only ones that can bring texture into a room (they all can!), let’s pause on this idea for a moment.

Wood frames are wonderful because they can be completely understated or they can make a very loud statement, depending on the wood grain and color you choose. One of the best options for bringing warmth and style into a room without overpowering it is by using barn wood frames.

Smooth Textured Frames for a Bit of Sophistication

This isn’t to say that rougher textures can’t be sophisticated, because they can, but a smooth texture is a wonderful way to bring a polished look to a room. Want to really turn the elegance up a notch? Choose a matte smooth finish.

Ornate Frames for Over the Top Style

If your style is a bit more traditional or elaborate, have some fun with ornate frames! These have molding on them, creating different patterns around the frame. These are particularly fun to use when framing oil paintings and other more traditional pieces of artwork.

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