As the weather heats up and kids get out of school, many of us will be looking for our next great vacation destination. Along with that comes lots of memories we’d like to hold on to. Here are some great ways to preserve your summer memories and display them so that you can keep them at the forefront of your mind all year round.

Create a Collage

If you take more photos than you have any idea what to do with during your summer adventures, you might consider putting together a collage, either in a specially designed collage frame or just by sticking multiple photos in a pleasing order in a large frame. These are a great way to showcase exciting multi-faceted events and vacations out in the open so you can reminisce more often.

Frame More than Pictures

You’re absolutely not limited to just photographs when it comes to keeping your summer memories alive. If you plan to take a road trip, print out a map of the ground you’ll cover and add points of interest on it for all the stops you made along the way. Frame ticket stubs or programs from fun events.

Don’t Exclude Natural Elements

If your vacation involves a lot of outdoor activities, collect some beautiful pieces of nature like seashells, driftwood, greens or flowers that you can dry, or pretty rocks and include those things in your display. Shadowbox frames are a great way to put together 3D items like these for display. Just be sure you’re not taking anything you shouldn’t from nature!

Where ever you choose to vacation and however you choose to preserve your summer memories, make sure you’re living in the moment first and foremost. For more ideas that can help keep your vacation alive all year long, check out the Frame Warehouse Facebook page.

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