Color combinations have left many scratching their head for years. It’s no wonder many people seek help when pairing their art with frame colors. This holiday season the Frame Warehouse has tips to help you pair with those classic holiday colors.

You can always turn to a classic pairing to be assured you won’t go wrong. If your art has multicolors throughout or more than three think about pairing with pure white and crimson. These color combinations say holiday and also help bring calm to a canvas that may be very busy. You can make your mat the crimson or pure white. If you choose to have the mat crimson pairing with a white frame outlines the artwork beautifully.

Don’t forget about wood frames. The Frame Warehouse has a large selection of wood frames to choose from. Wooden frames with strawberry red and apple green artwork can be used for a youthful feel or vintage look if paired with a weathered frame.

Metallics are huge looks around the holidays including the New Year. You can give your art a completely different vibe with the use of gold or silver frames. Many people choose to keep the same style of finish as found throughout their home.

The holidays are a great time to through a dash of red or blue on your walls with an amazing frame or mat. You can shop for the perfect frame from the comfort of your home by visiting our website or bundle up and visit one of our 12 locations in North or South Carolina.

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