When you’re done using old picture frames in your home, you don’t have to toss them out. You also don’t have to keep them stored away in your attic for years. Instead, give these frames new life with one or more of the following ideas for reusing them. 

Decorative Centerpieces

Picture frames can easily become the setting for a stunning centerpiece in your dining room. Long rectangular frames work well for centerpieces that you can cover with a row of flower-filled vases, candles and other items to spruce up your dining room table. Smaller frames of any shape can work for more simple centerpieces.

Serving Trays

Rectangular, square or oval picture frames make great serving trays that you can impress guests with. Whether you use frames for centerpieces or trays, cover the glass part with fabric, contact paper or wallpaper in a design of your choosing to give them some flair.

Shadow Box Shelving

Turn rectangular or square picture frames with decorative edges into shelves that you can hang on your wall. Paint the frames the same color and decorate them with embellishments, or choose your favorite color scheme. Attach the frames to shadow boxes for eye-catching shelving that can hold books, keepsakes or other items. 

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