One of the most important choices you will have when you choose to have custom framing done, is the selection of glass. Frame Warehouse offers 5 choices in glass.

How do you decide what glass is best for your project?

  1. The value of the piece – Only you can assess how valuable something is to you. Some items may not warrant the investment in museum-quality glass when there are more affordable options available.
  2. How much glare you are willing to tolerate? If your art is near a direct source of light such as a window or lamp, it may reflect more glare and a non-glare or glare reducing glass may be beneficial. Certain images, typically those with dark backgrounds, are also known to create more glare.
  3. Consider the need to preserve the piece from ultra-violet rays that can harm your artwork. They are particularly harmful to organic material found in certain paint, ink and papers. UV rays create irreversible damage which is why archivists, museum curators and preservationists everywhere prefer museum quality glasses that prevent yellowing, fading and the breakdown of organic material.

Frame Warehouse offers Tru-Vue® Museum Glass, a truly extraordinary product. It provides the same UV blocking protection as Conservation Clear® and Conservation Reflection Control® two less expensive glasses. In addition to its ability to block more than 98% of ultra-violet rays, Museum Glass has an anti-reflective surface far superior to a typical non-glare glass.

A special coating is used in extremely thin layers to break up the incoming light rays so that they don’t bounce back off the glass, producing a glare. Because the rays don’t bounce, the picture is actually more illuminated than with clear glass. Clear glass transmits 91% of light to the artwork, while Museum Glass transmits more than 97% of light to the artwork. This improves color intensity and clarity.

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