When it comes to giving a gift, everyone has the same goal in mind, choosing something the recipient will truly love. That’s why a framed photo, an empty frame or framed art can mean more than something from the same old box store. You can make your framed gift even more personal with these ideas:

A signature

Have you thought about signing the mat around the art, photo or just the mat itself inside the frame? The mat is an ideal spot for family signatures or a message of encouragement or love to the recipient. Are you framing a diploma? Think about the sentimental value surrounding your message on the mat that sets the stage for something that someone worked so hard to achieve.

Frame the gift

Framing the gift is two gifts in one. Maybe your gift includes tickets to an event or destination? How fun would it be to enjoy the tickets, take an amazing photo and then cherish the memories for years in your frame?

Don’t forget the back of the frame

Think outside the box and write your message on the backing board. The backing board is a great spot for a message that holds dear to your heart or a message not meant for everyone to read.

Who doesn’t love to receive a gift? Incorporating a frame in a gift makes the gift something to cherish for many years and lets the recipient know just how much thought you have put into the process.

The Frame Warehouse is here to help with your gift giving year-round for special events or a simple gift. Our team of frame designers can help you with your creative framing gift idea at a great price. Stop in any of our 12 locations in North or South Carolina or browse our framing selections online.