It finally happened. You went to your local fall art festival and bought a gorgeous original painting. The composition and color left you breathless, so you took the plunge. After carefully walking through the crowd back to the car, you placed it in the trunk and prayed it would make it back home in one piece. Just a few weeks later, the artwork rests in your home, unhung and unsung. You know you need it framed, but where to start? To matte or not to matte? Floating or not floating? Not to mention the countless moulding colors and styles. Where do you start? Luckily, at Frame Warehouse, we have a few ideas!

First, consider the type of art you want to be framed. Is it an original painting or a piece of modern art? How about the medium, is it oil paint, watercolor or drawing? All of these qualities will help guide you down the path to the right frame. For instance, if you are framing an original oil painting, you may want to choose a moulding that reflects the time period when the art was created. Have something modern? Try a sleek metallic.

Next, think about where the artwork will be displayed. Environments that are humid, dusty, warm, or even exposed to sunlight for an extended amount of time can impact your artwork. Giving full consideration to where the art will be hung will help you choose the correct glass (or no glass) to be incorporated into the frame.

Finally, choose an established framing professional like Frame Warehouse. With over 25 years of experience, the specialists at Frame Warehouse have preserved nearly every type of artwork. We can help guide you through the process of custom framing and know the relevant questions to ask in order to create just the look you want in your home. Custom framing does not have to be a spooky process, especially when you trust a professional with that art piece.

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