Beachy décor is very popular, and it’s no wonder. Most people enjoy the beach, and the colors, sounds, and smells of the beach tend to be relaxing and rejuvenating. You can put lots of unexpected beachy elements in frames so that you can hang them neatly on walls and sit them on surfaces around your home, bringing all those relaxing vibes to your space. Here are some things you can include.


One of the best parts about the beach for many people is collecting shells. You can glue those shells onto painted or otherwise covered frame backings and just leave out the glass. You can also leave off the backing, glue the glass into the frame with clear adhesive, and then glue shells to the outside of the glass for a unique look. Get creative and put together little pictures from the different shells you create, or opt for one simple shell depending on the look you want to achieve.

Sea Glass Mosaics

Sea glass is another item you can collect at the beach to add to your décor. Make pretty patterns with the glass you collect on either the backing or the glass as instructed above for shells.

Beachy Family Photos

As always, your family photos are perfect for framing. Next time you head out to the beach, remember to pull out your camera and get snapshots of family and friends frolicking in the waves, the landscape, and maybe even the sunset.

There are countless ways you can bring your favorite places, like the beach, home to remind you every day of your happy place. For more ideas for incorporating your adventures into your décor, follow along on the Frame Warehouse Facebook page, and don’t forget to check back in here on the blog!

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