Whether you’re displaying pastorals, skyscrapers or abstract, finding the right frame is essential. It must complement the work. But it shouldn’t take center stage.

The perfect frame simply feels like a supporting actor making the lead look great. Metallic picture frames do just that when paired with the right images in your gallery. Do you know these expert design tips for using metallic frames?

1. Create a Fresh & Modern Design
Metal, glass, and steel are the primary mediums for the Modern design style. Incorporating metallic picture frames into an art gallery gives a room a distinctly modern look and feel.

Complement modern images with a modern frame.

2. Go for an Industrial Look
With the right image, metallic picture frames scream industrial. Whether matte finished or polished to reflection quality, metal is your best option in a gallery displaying industrially-themed art.

3. Consider Going Narrow
When using metallic frames in a gallery, you may not want too much reflection and shimmer. Opting for a narrower metal frame gives your guest just a taste of modern metallic shine without overwhelming the piece.

A narrow frame fades into the background, allowing the work to take center stage.

4. Don’t Be Afraid of Chunky Frames
While narrow has its benefits, a thicker metal frame can also serve a purpose. When you use a larger frame, be prepared to explore your options to choose the perfect one because the frame even more so becomes an extension of the art.

5. Accentuate Clean Lines
The cold, straight lines of metal accentuate a work of art that focuses on clear, straight lines. The frame becomes a seamless extension of the piece.

6. Make B&W Pop
Whether you’re showcasing old photos or modern B&W art, nothing makes black and white images stand out like metallic picture frames. A silver frame brings out the greys, offering the viewer the kind of sensory experience that will keep them coming back to your gallery.

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